Sunrise Detox Orlando

A new Medical Detox center for treating drug and alcohol addiction in Orlando, Florida.

Sunrise Detox provides professional, compassionate medical detox in the most comfortable setting possible, for all drug and alcohol dependencies.

Sunrise Detox is dedicated to providing a positive, motivational, and medically comfortable detox experience for all of our guests. Our detox protocols were designed by our medical director and founder, who is a leader in the field of medically-supported detox. Twenty-four hour nursing and luxury accommodations (including gourmet meals) help guests stay motivated to complete treatment. Our accommodations are the finest available, with attention to professionalism and customer service not found in other treatment centers.

Our commitment : Anyone willing to accept help for an addiction disorder deserves qualified professional help as soon as possible. We will advocate for our guests, when necessary. We offer a safe, comfortable, and professional medical detox, and we strive to help every guest achieve individual success in detox, and into recovery.