Press Information and Contacts

We'd love to speak with you about our new detox center in Orlando, Florida

Our new 22,000 square foot substance abuse treatment center in Orlando, Florida will be the largest Sunrise Detox facility ever built. Like most Sunrise Detox Centers, Sunrise Detox Orlando is almost entirely new construction, following our proven custom detox center architectural and operational designs.

As a free-standing medical detox center for the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction disorders, including the co-ocurring mental and physical disorders commonly associated with addiction, Sunrise Detox Orlando delivers a medical detox, the essential first step on the road to recovery.

Sunrise partners with all members of the treatment industry in the Continuum of Care to ensures those in need get the treatment they need, when they are willing to accept it, under the guidance of a professional Treatment Plan. 

Photos and additional information are available upon request. More information is highlighted below, including specific press contacts willing to provide additional information. Alternatively, call Sunrise Detox at (407) 857-6117.